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Company setup


The following are the company formation procedures with the Thai Ministry of Commerce:


1. Thai Company Name Registration

The applicant provides three company names to register according to their priority. A lawyer will then reserve one of these names, in order of preference, with the registrar. If the first name has been used /booked, then the second or the third one shall be reserved accordingly. This will take about one to two days.



2. Application for First Registration of the Thai Company

After the registrar has approved company's name, the applicant has to nominate three initial promoters for the lawyer to submit for the registration. Note that promoters are persons who want to set up the company to register A Memorandum of Association.



3. Application for Second Registration to the Registrar of Thai Companies.

After a lawyer has reviewed and certified all supporting documents, then the lawyer will file the application to the registrar at the Ministry of Commerce. Currently the company formation in Thailand can be completed in one day.



4. Thai Work Permit Application for Foreign National

If the applicant wants to apply for a work permit to work legally in Thailand, he/she has to set the company's registered capital of at least 2,000,000 Baht for a work permit application.


5. Payment of Fees

The Government fee for the company formation is approximately 6,000 Baht, based on registered capital 1,000,000 Baht.  


The Lawyer's professional fee for the whole process of company formation depends on lawyer’s practices and qualifications. Legal practices mainly involve preparing, checking, translating and certifying all the support documents and later submitting them to the registrar, the Ministry of Commerce. The process is highly procedural and an experienced qualified lawyer will save you money and time.

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