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Frequently asked questions



Is Krabi safe?

Yes, definitely. Thailand, as a whole, has for many years been the most democratic and forward thinking nation in Asia. The people of Thailand have a history of great tolerance towards all nations and religions. Although Thailand is officially a Buddhist nation, there is absolutely no discrimination towards ethnic, religious, national or other differences.


How about the Economy?

Thailand has been affected in only a very limited way by the Global economic downturn. About 40 percent of the population is engaged in agriculture, but a thriving manufacturing sector, including the manufacture of high-technology products, contributes significantly to export-led growth.

This healthy economic growth is even exceeding expectations. The outlook for the future is, by global standards, very optimistic.


Have I missed the boat?

Everywhere you go, people will tell you that “you should have bought some beach land ten years ago for peanuts”, and yes, if you had have done you would be laughing now. But, that goes for so many things in life. The truth is that they were saying the same thing ten years ago and ten years before that.

The reality is, that prices in Krabi go up over time just like everywhere else.


I met a guy who says he built a 4 bedroom house for 2 million thb.

This may have been possible 7 or 8 years ago but, construction prices in Krabi and all of Thailand have increased in recent years. Part of the increase in construction costs is due to inflation and material costs, but the largest increase has been labor costs. The general trend of labor prices in Thailand has increased due to a high demand, but most is actually due to the need for more skilled labor. This skilled labor is required to meet the standards of quality and safety that we demand for our customers and our customers demand from us. We make no apologies for our high standards.

If you still want to know where the money goes, please come and see our show house at Palm Valley and we will be happy to show you exactly what we mean. We are completely open and transparent in all stages of design and construction and will go over all aspects of the plans with you giving you an opportunity for input at all stages of design and construction.

Please rest assured though, that you can design and build a house in Krabi of comparable standard to one in Europe for significantly less money. Exchange rates have also made everything appear more expensive, unfortunately, this looks unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

As for the “guy” with the 4 bedroom 2 million thb house. If it really was built for 2 million thb (don’t forget people often have a very selective memory), the chances are it was built with low cost labour (read low standard) and inferior quality materials. Try and see if you can go and visit and we think you will understand what we mean.


How do I get to Krabi?

Krabi has the newest and best regional airport in Thailand, you can get flights from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and some other international destinations. Being so close to all the major airport hubs in Asia, there are always safe and economical options open to you.
The cost to fly from Bangkok ranges from about 1200 baht to 4000 baht depending on airline and time. Air Asia is a low cost airline who charges depending on demand so if you are flexible it is usually possible to get a flight at the lower end of that scale.
The airport itself is about 8km from Palm Valley. You will literally be home within a few minutes of touching down.

It takes just 1 hour 10 minutes flying from Bangkok to Krabi. Currently, Thai Airways and Air Asia fly more than 6 flights daily during May to September, and more than 10 flights a day from October to April. In addition, Krabi Tourism Association is now coordinating and working with tourism agents in many Middle East countries.

Also, over the past five years, traveling by yacht and luxury boat in the Andaman Sea to islands and tourist attractions has been increasing.


What is Krabi Town like?

Krabi Town is a small charming provincial town. It is now expanding quickly and has a Tesco shopping complex with a cinema, also a BIG C and Homepro shopping centre within minutes of Palm Valley. There is also a Macro within just a few minutes of Palm Valley which offers a wide range of all goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and all other goods at the best prices. A wide range of western goods is available in the area to cater for all the international restaurants and hotels in the area
The town also has a good selection of restaurants both Thai and western and several live music venues, clubs and entertainment spots.


What does it cost to live in Thailand?

Diesel costs about 30thb a litre and a bottle of beer costs around 35baht. Fresh meat, fruit and vegetables are very reasonable compared to any western country. There is a fresh food market every day in Krabi town. A meal in a restaurant can range from 50 baht for a very nice fried rice to 1000 baht for an imported steak in a high class restaurant.


What about medical Facilities?

Ao Nang and Krabi Town have several medical and dental practices that have English speaking staff and are reputed to have a high level of service. For any minor ailments or for ongoing checks and treatment they are perfectly adequate. There are hospitals with English speaking staff within Krabi town, they can deal with emergencies but anything more serious you should expect a trip to one of the major international hospitals in Phuket (a trip of about two and a half hours). The service in these hospitals is world class and the rates are very reasonable, in fact people fly in from all over the world just to use their services.

Krabinakarin International Hospital is very soon to open in Krabi Town. Run by one of the large International hospital chains, this will bring first class medical facilities to within ten minutes of Palm Valley. Construction of the hospital is already complete and completion is expected within months.


And what about a round of golf?

There is one 18 hole golf course near in Krabi called Pakasai Golf course. It’s approximately 40km from Ao Nang itself and costs 2500 baht for a round, including caddy fees, driving range warm-up and transport to and from the course.
There is also a small golf driving range a couple of km just outside Krabi Town.
There is also a Colin Montgomery designed golf course under construction in the province. This will be an international standard course with a large part of it literally next to the beach. Completion will be in a couple of years.


Why Krabi and not Phuket?

Very good question. This really depends on your point of view, if you are the sort of person who enjoys jet skiing all day and a night trawling busy bars, then to be honest, Phuket is probably going to suit you better than Krabi.

If however you like uncrowded beaches, clean water and air, then Krabi is the place for you. Jet ski’s, banana boats, sun loungers on the beach are completely banned and the local government is keen to promote sustainable development. The cost of living is also considerably cheaper than in Phuket or Samui.

There is even a growing trend for long term Phuket residents to move to Krabi; as Phuket becomes busier and more like a city, the Island charm it had when those residents first arrived has disappeared. Krabi offers them the chance to find it again with the additional advantage of lower prices, more space for growth, better infrastructure and communications and, many would argue, much nice local people.


What about infrastructure, is it easy to get around?

Krabi has an almost entirely new road network linking all the tourist spots. Traffic jams are virtually non existent and driving is a pleasure.
There is also a network of smaller local roads which are great fun to cruise around if you have your own vehicle or cycle. Krabi has also been tipped to be one of the future sailing and marine centres for the whole of Asia due to its ideal position and availability of Krabi’s deep sea port. There are several Marinas that have been approved and will soon begin construction.

The Information Superhighways are just as well developed with high speed fibre-optic internet connections available at reasonable prices offering internet speeds that most European cities aren’t able to compete with.


Do I have to learn Thai?

Being in a tourist area the level of English is very good. Thai people do appreciate it when an effort is made to speak their language but it is very easy to get around without. If you plan to stay for a long time, then learning to speak some of the language will undoubtedly give you a fuller experience and there are language schools and private teachers who can help.


Can I get a driving license?

Thailand accepts most worldwide driving licenses but if you are staying long term then it is advisable to get a Thai driving license which can also be used as an identity card when opening bank accounts or in many other situations. The process is quite simple. You can either get a notarized translation of your foreign driving license and take this to the Transport department and then just take the written part of the test (in English), or without the translation you can take the very simple driving test and written part. The whole process can easily be completed in a day. Our Management service will be able to give you all the details.


Can I own a car in my name?

Yes, the official regulations say that even on a tourist visa, a foreigner can own a car in their own name as long as they have an address that has been verified by their Embassy. If you are on any type of non-immigrant visa then this will be very easy. If you are on a tourist visa, depending on the Department of Transport that you visit, you may find that the officer you speak to is unaware of this in which case it is worth getting some advice first about how best to register your car. Our Management service will be able to advise and help you.

OK, So I think I want to buy a villa, so…


How long would I have to wait for my house?

From the date of paying a deposit, it takes approximately 9-10 months to complete your villa. This timescale will depend on your exact specifications. There will be a building schedule that you can be assured will be strictly adhered to.


How can I be sure that you will do what you say you will?

After an initial deposit payment, the remainder will be paid in stages so you can be assured that you only pay us for what we have actually done. The contract will be very specific as to what these stages are and what will happen if either the buyer or the developer does not perform.


How much inconvenience will there be while other villas are being built and mine is complete?

Before beginning the villa construction, all infrastructure and

communal areas will have been completed ,


*UPDATED OCTOBER 2011 infrastructure has now been completed. 


How can I be assured of quality construction?

From the moment you sign the contract we will stay in constant touch with you regarding the construction. If you are not in the country we will send you pictures and updates at regular intervals and involve you as much as you like in the choice of materials. If you would like, we will be quite happy for an independent inspector to make inspections at critical times. 


What happens if I want to sell?

The villas are for sale on a freehold basis to anyone who is legally allowed to own land. On this basis they are completely free to sell. For non-thais who are not permitted to own land in Thailand we will offer a variety of options. The most popular is for our management company to lease the land to the buyer (non-thais are permitted to own buildings). At any time an owner would like to sell, our management company will transfer the lease to the buyer or if you sell to a Thai, then we will transfer ownership direct to them. We will only charge a reasonable fee to cover expenses. The whole process will be legally covered and transparent. For more details please contact us.

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