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Simplicity and good design are combined with quality materials to create spaces that are practical and a pleasure to be in. Palm valley villas have been designed in a Contemporary Thai style with 3.2 metre high ceilings and a useable area of between 171 and 235 square meters giving a really spacious feeling. Windows are carefully positioned to make the most of the natural light and airflow making all rooms cool and light while keeping your property's running costs down. We believe that being efficient, sensible and sensitive to the environment at the property design stage will allow us to make affordable houses without making compromises.

The design incorporates all the best elements of both elegant traditional Thai design and high standard materials and ergonomics to create properties that are both beautiful and enjoyable to live in. The rooms are spacious with large windows and high ceilings to allow sea breezes to naturally cool them reducing the need for air conditioning. Contemporary Thai design has become so popular all around the world that dozens of the highest calibre hotels and resorts are refurbishing themselves in the style.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are generously proportioned yet intimate with thoughtful architectural detailing. The design lends itself to being molded to your personal taste leaving you with a sophisticated yet functional home that is uniquely yours.

There are a wide range of interior options to suit any taste with all fittings and fixtures conforming to western standards. Krabi Horizon Properties will be happy to design both interior and exterior of your villa. However, if you would like to be more involved we will work with you at every step of the process to bring your dream villa to reality.

Living in the tropics allows for a large part of life to be spent outdoors so we have incorporated outdoor terraces, covered and uncovered areas to give you options throughout the day and evening. Any Property in Krabi should take advantage of the natural surroundings.

We have a range of landscaping options which we will discuss with you ranging from private swimming pools, salas, fish ponds and fountains not to mention the huge array of fauna and flora. You can choose to use our landscaping contractor or if you’re a keen gardener you can do it all yourself. From the smallest to the largest, each plot has the potential to be a tropical paradise.

Comfort and value for money were our guiding principles in creating our designs. Whichever of our three Krabi house designs suits your purpose best, we believe that the space will exceed your expectations while staying under your budget.


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