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Palm Valley Property Legal Package


Palm Valley Villas will be available for freehold sale with a Chanote for each villa. For non Thais who are not permitted to own land, we will offer a lease on the properties with a guarantee to renew to ensure that the property is yours to use however you desire. If you wish to sell the lease at any time in the future and the buyer is permitted to own land in Thailand, then we will transfer the lease to freehold with only a small charge for expenses, license fees and taxes.

We know that buying a villa in Thailand is a major investment and want to ensure that you make the right decision for you. One of our management team is an experienced lawyer who will be able to answer any legal queries about the project and clarification of Thailand’s land Laws. If you already have a lawyer or wish to use an independent lawyer, we will happily answer any questions they may have promptly and professionally.



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